Classic Series

Round Tube Trailers

The Classic Round Tube Trailer features our time-tested tubular design that provides the strength to handle loads from 2,000 to 5,000 pounds and can carry pontoons 16-26 feet long. Its 48" wide design and low center of gravity makes it very stable on the road.`

Each classic trailer features a unique winch, cable and sheave system that enables the operator to raise and lower the entire trailer frame. When launching, the approach to the water is extended with the adjustable tongue extension (pined for three positions) which provides extra trailer length for launching.

Standard features include: water-resistant taillights, eight rubber rollers for boat protection, tail light cases, an adjustable trailer frame, leaf springs, safety cable, and 5.30 x 12 inch "D" range tires.

The SL 6570, 700, and 725 series are available in three axle configurations, with or without brakes. Classic trailers are designed to haul pontoons with 40 horsepower motors or less. A classic front extension is also offered for pontoons with extended decks. In addition, tongue jacks and front loading winch are available for more trailering ease.

Contact your local dealer for pricing and freight charges.

In the interest of continuous product improvement all specifications and options on this website are subject to change without notice. The overall lengths, widths and weights of the trailers may differ from that indicated on this website due to variances in the manufacturing process and/or installed components.