WFB Series

Float-On Trailers

The WFB Float-On Trailer enables you to realize your dreams of taking your pontoon to any body of water effortlessly. They are built to easily launch your boat in shallow water as well as providing improved road handling characteristics. An 84" wide track axle also enhances road stability.

The WFB Series' carpeted 2 x 4's gently cradle the pontoons and permit increased access. In fact, the Float-On trailer is totally adjustable and can fit most pontoon boats. Available in 13 models, the trailer comes in single, tandem, and triple axle configurations. Surge, disc, and electric brakes, tri-toon kits, load guides, spare tires and galvanized finish are optional.

Standard equipment includes: 20.5 x 8 x 10" tires and wheels, treated bunks, torsion axle with independent suspension, loading/unloading winch with strap and hook, adjustable bunks, and winch stand, tongue jack, step stand assembly, safety chains, and water resistant tail lights.

No matter which model you choose, the WFB Float-On trailers are built to make your boating experience a dream come true.

We now manufacture House Boat trailers for 30' to 36' boats. They resemble the WFB trailer.

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In the interest of continuous product improvement all specifications and options on this website are subject to change without notice. The overall lengths, widths and weights of the trailers may differ from that indicated on this website due to variances in the manufacturing process and/or installed components.